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Alpe Adria Trail Trekking Holidays

Experience one of Europe’s most epic trekking holidays

Amazing moments during your trekking holidays

Long distance trekking holidays takes a certain state of mind. The desire to challenge your body over many days of steady and sometimes arduous walking to achieve the goal of a multi-day hike takes a level of confidence and an openness to new challenges.  One thing is for certain, when that goal is achieved, your levels of satisfaction and confidence will be river deep and mountain high!

The Alpe Adria Trail is one of Europe’s most wonderful long distance routes. Covering 750 kilometres (over 43 stages) and three countries, it provides breathtaking views and a chance to seriously ’reboot’ your brain, away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
Day stages of approximately 20 kilometres each take hikers all the way from Austria’s highest mountain – the Grossglockner – to Italy’s Adriatic coast where the peaceful harbour town of Muggia welcomes walkers.

Variety is the spice of life for hiking and eating

enjoying an amazing sunrise on your trekking holiday in austria

The Austrian Alps offer outstanding mountain scenery, while the Julian Alps of Slovenia’s Mount Triglav National Park are equally stunning in their own way. Follow alongside the emerald-green Soča River and then, as the Alpe Adria Trail drops down into Italy, the sparkling karst limestone plateaus of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

Around Trieste this gives way to an increasingly fertile landscape, rich in both nature and history. Oak forests and full bodied wines keep walkers happy as they reach the final stages and the Adriatic Sea.

Everything is set up to help you achieve your goal

Take a break and enjoy your trekking holidays

Of course you don’t have to complete the Alpe Adria Trail non-stop. Not everyone is able to take a few months off work and so it is common to tackle a long-distance trek like this in parts. Your goal of completing the whole trail could be spread over many years. Well-marked paths and clear information on hiking and accommodation make it easy to plan your route.

Mountain inns, guesthouses and even a few 4-star hotels provide comfortable accommodation along the way and always a serviced restaurant, so you don’t have to carry heavy food with you on your long distance trekking holidays. You can even arrange for luggage transport through the Alpe Adria Trail Booking Centre if you want to really take it easy.

Hike it any way you like it

Trekking holidays appeal to people from all walks of life and all ages. European long-distance treks offer so many options to make your experience easy or more challenging – the choice is yours. With beautiful scenery, fascinating history and delicious gastronomy to enjoy along the way, this is likely to be your favourite holiday ever!

Whether you cover the entire Alpe Adria Trail in one go or spend multiple trekking holidays completing it in sections, your sense of achievement and satisfaction is sure to be as high as the Grossglockner mountain.